Dear Paul,

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to speak to our group and share your expertise about Short Sales and the distressed property market.

Not only did we have record paid attendance when you came to speakbut I personally have received numerous complements and follow up phone calls regarding the event.

Your presentation was very clean, informative, and very professionally put together.

The information was not only very well thought out, but was very relevant to today’s investing market. You have an open invitation to speak anytime your schedule permits and thank you kindly.”


Joe Fishman

Vice President & Executive Speaker Coordinator
South Jersey Real Estate Investor’s Association
Largest Real Estate Investing Organization in New Jersey and part of National REIA
Tuesday March 13, 2012

I can’t recommend Paul enough. He’s been there through thick and thin with a deal I did in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.  He helped me make sure all the correct paperwork was in order and to make sure the deal closed as smoothly as possible. And, on a side note he has personally been there for me when I needed the extra help to succeed in this business field. Paul is the real deal. I hope to do more things with Paul in the future.

Randy Montalvo
Real Estate Investor, New Jersey
Mar 17, 2011

Hi Paul, I can’t be sure you will remember me but you mentored me a couple years ago while I lived up in PA. We never met but emailed a lot and talked on the phone. I changed jobs to move back down to the DC area after getting homesick up there. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is that I wanted to express to you how much your guidance helped me even beyond the time I spent up there. When we first met I was a financial mess with $30k just in credit debt alone. This past spring I paid it off in less than 2.5 years since getting serious with it. I’ll also have my car paid off around new years.

You taught me a lot and gave me a lot. I still listen to the “money” audio programs you sent me on cd. I still keep more than one PNC checking account to separate my money. Mentioning those things seems really to oversimplify the impact you made in my life. But anyway, my main point in writing this is to say a long overdue thank you to you.

Andy Strickland
Washington, DC
Nov 16, 2011

Paul is first a friend before a business partner. He is able to build relationships with people he helps and services. As a Marketing genius for Home Partners Investment Co he has helped many homeowners come out of tough situations and continues to be a sought out teacher of Real Estate Investing.

I recommend him as a teacher of Real Estate Investing and as a business partner.

Paul and I share a strategic relationship in helping people avoid foreclosure. Whenever he gets a Spanish speaking client, he passes on the contact to me so I can go and explain how we will help the client. He also uses me as a Notary Public in New Jersey.

As a teacher, he teaches new investors how to market to homeowner who are facing foreclosure. He has a wealth of knowledge of Real Estate, short-sales and whole-selling real estate. I’m glad to call him a business partner and a friend.

Guillermo A. Cervano, President
Financial Chemotherapy LLC
Fairview, New Jersey
April 30, 2010